Willow’s Christmas Photos 2020

2020 aside from Covid has been a crazy year with Emberly’s delivery and hard start to her life. In short, she was premature, came 6 weeks early, and spent 33 days in the NICU. When we finally got to take her home she had still many heath issues and pain which made taking care of her very hard. On top of that I had a very difficult healing process because I delivered Emberly through an emergency C-section. I had complications after surgery and actually had to go into surgery again so it doubled my recovery process.

With all this going on one of the very special blessings in this season has been Willow. She has always been a very big part of our family but when you are in pain and having a really hard season there was something extra special about having a loyal, constant, and loving dog. I have heard it said before that you really find out if you are a dog person after to bring home a newborn because it can get really annoying at having to take care of something else in addition to a newborn. If your love for your dog on increases you can tell you are a dog person. I found that to be so true!

Willow has truly been a therapy dog to our family as she has cared for me and been soooo good with Shey when we had to be away from her during the time of delivery and my recovery. From day 1 Willow has been so good with Emberly. She is gentle and seems to know what we all need when we need it. One of the biggest blessings from God during this season has hands down been our Willow! Also, not to mention her ability to pose for our yearly Christmas Photos will always amaze me!


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