All I Want for Christmas is a Puppy | Willow’s Christmas Photos 2017

It’s no secret to anyone that knows us that Scotty and I love our little pup, Willow. Her little personality of constant happiness is such a joy giver in our home and we are so thankful! Her top characteristics for sure are happiness and sweetness. The next thing we are trying to teach her is gentleness…she is a little over-the-top in her affection. You would know that first hand if you have ever been to our house!

On the top of the Christmas wish list for a lot of people is a puppy! Why? Because they are soooooo cute and just so happy! This year I knew that was the theme I wanted to go with because come on, who doesn’t like an adorable puppy popping out of a festive box?!! I also had another reason though.

Scotty and I are firm believers in enjoying the little things in life and little blessings from God. He is a good father that gives good gifts but often times we don’t take notice of the good gifts we have. Life may be crazy busy, mundane most of the time, and on top of that just hard, but what good things has God placed in your life? I promise you there is at least one but I bet if you look you will actually come to find that there are a ton!

One of those gifts for us is our Willow and the affect she has on our home! We feel really thankful to God for giving us such a bundle of happiness because on the mundane of everyday and in the hard areas of  life she is such a great reminder for us to choose joy! I live with a joyful & easy going husband and an overly bubbly & happy puppy so it’s hard to be down for long at our house and I am really thankful we have a home with that joy-filled aroma! On the days when it is a little harder for me to choose joy I am thankful for the reminder I have in Willow. It is small but it’s a good gift from God!

Now…on to her annual Christmas photos!! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

Um, yes. Our dog is that good, she falls asleep on command. Haha JK! Willow was just so comfy in her little Christmas box that she fell asleep. Ummm, precious!

What started as a spontaneous, by accident photoshoot with Willow as a puppy has now turned into an every year tradition upon our discovery that we had a genius model of a puppy! Here is a side by side of her 1st photos as a puppy at 3 months and her now as a 4 year old pup. Still just as perfect at modeling! 

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