Christmas with Willow | 2014

Every Christmas, I think-up a photoshoot to do with our puppy Willow! It all started last year when we got her as a puppy shortly after my husband and I got married. We quickly realized that she was a complete natural at this whole “picture taking” thing when we tried our first shoot! She was wiggly as a puppy but now she is pretty much like a professional model for me and it honestly is kind-of ridiculous how good she is for pictures. Willow let’s us do pretty much anything to her and even looks right at the camera with her ever adorable face! So naturally, I take pictures of her ALL the time and I think she loves it, or at least all the attention. Haha!

She has a TON of personality and playfulness but at the same time she will cuddle with me all day long if that’s what I wanted and always stays right by my side when I have a day full of editing.

Here are some images from last year (2013) so you can see how small and little she was as a puppy!


My favorite, isn’t she just darling?!

The pictures of Willow for this year’s Christmas Cards! We actually used this red chair because it is her favorite. She always sits in it every time we are in the room where it is located and on long days of editing she will curl up in it and sleep for hours! Haha so anyways, this is actually Willow’s red chair!

She was so tiny and she has grown up so much! It’s so crazy to me but she’s still just as cute as she was when we first got her! We love our little Willow so much and look forward to many more crazy sessions down the road! She has become quite popular on Pinterest and on stock image sites!