London, UK | Adventures Through Europe Part 3

After traveling to the secluded places of Ireland and Scotland, London was our first big city so we were put in a bit of shock at how many people there were. SO many! Scotty and I would wake up before the sun, when no one else was out besides the locals going to work, and then we would go and take a nap in the middle of the day when everyone else was out.  We really enjoyed walking around and exploring London’s beautiful architecture! Streets were filled with business people dressed with the same amount of elegance as the buildings surrounding them. We were also blown away at the amount of people that road bikes to work (yes, even in their suits), when we went out in the morning the streets were filled with more bikes then cars! While walking around we also noticed how many elderly people were out and about in full fashion. Scotty and I decided we hope we are half as cool  and fashionable as them when we get older! haha

Enjoy the mix of i-phone and nice photos from our time in London!

The final product!

While in London we enjoyed a dozen chocolate filled croissants and lattes when we needed to warm up from exploring in the cold!


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