Scotland, UK | Adventures Through Europe Part 2

After our time in Ireland we flew into the Glasgow airport in Scotland and picked up our rental car. That night we stayed at an adorable Airbnb in Paisley that was probably the nicest one we had for our entire trip!

In the morning we drove through the Scottish Highlands on the way to the Isle of Skye. Our favorite part was just getting to drive through and stop along the way wherever we wanted! It was beautiful! Once we arrived to the Isle of Skye we spent the night and in the morning visited Quiraing. The hike was wet, tiring, cold, and muddy but we had the most stunning time of our lives!

That evening we drove back (stopping along the way just as much) to our Airbnb in Paisley. The following morning we headed to London!

After we visited Scotland both of us felt like we were meant to live someplace like this. It was quiet, cool, calm, and filled with so much beauty. The food wasn’t the greatest we had ever had but this is one place that we really hope to return to someday! There was SO much more we wanted to do and see but since we were only there for 2 days we only go to do what was on the top of our list. We will for sure return!

Guys, this really was what driving through Scotland looked like…so obviously we stopped on the side of the road a billion times!
Our faithful rental car in Scotland! This was our first taste of Volkswagen and as of a few months ago we purchased our very own as our first car together!Like seriously, this is what it looked like just on the side of the road!!!

Officially our new future home Sheep were everywhere and I was obsessed! Our cozy little Airbnb in the Isle of Skye!Our hike through Quiraing, we just kept saying how we couldn’t believe that we were really surrounded by all this stunning nature! We also had this hike ALL to ourselves so our time here was super peaceful! 
View from up top!


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