Amsterdam, Netherlands | Adventures Through Europe Part 4

We only had about 6 hours of daylight in Amsterdam after our flight got in late the night before from London but we fully explored every bit of it’s charming street corners with every hour we had! We had done a LOT of walking so lets just say we really enjoyed the hours on the train to our next stop Paris to rest our feet!

One of the coolest things about visiting Amsterdam is that it is one of the only cities that still has all the original cobble stone roads and homes in Netherlands. It truly felt as though we had walked into a history or story book and every street we walked down was more enchanting then the last! This for sure goes down as one of our favorite stops!

Along the streets of the canal is known for some of the best shopping and bakers in the Netherlands!

Enjoying coffee on the canal!

That church was right next to Anne Frank’s house and she mentions the sounds of those very church bells in her diary.

We decided we needed our own carriage ride through Amsterdam!

I have never seen a place filled with so many bikes before!

Our horse was the cutest!

This is the narrowest house along the Amsterdam canals.


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