Scarlett | A Week Spent With My Childhood Best Friend

In January my childhood best friend from Venezuela (where we were both raised) came to stay with me for the week! We have been friends since the 1st grade and have only grown closer over the years! No matter the distance or how much time we have spent apart we always pick up right where we left off!

We spent our childhood growing up together in Venezuela but since then we have never lived in the same city or state, in fact we have never spent more then about 2 weeks together at a time since we were kids but that never stopped us from keeping a close friendship! We remained being pen pals with each other and would update each other on our lives through letters and e-mails and in the summer we would even organized times where we could both attend and when we got older help out at the same camp together! We also took turns visiting each other when we could.

Scarlett is one of my most treasured friends because she has known me from the very beginning and has been there with me every step of the way even through the distance. She has a heart of gold and has never failed to point me to Christ or talk sense to me when I have needed it the most! Scarlett might also just be my goofiest friend always keeping me on my toes and making every situation so much fun! My stomach always hurts from laughing after hanging out with her!

Moving around my whole life and being the weird foreign girl at church and school in America I was never really able to have consistent or lasting friendships (till I was older and after years of living here) but Scarlett was always that constant friend to me! She always could relate and understated the very thing that always made me so different from everyone else.

Thanks for being my faithful friend that gets my Latina side and knows what it feels like to be raised in another country/culture and speaking another language even though we look no different then any other white person! To everyone else I am just a regular American white girl but you get all the hardships and joys that have come with being a missionary kid raised in a another country and I am forever grateful to God for keeping you in my life all these years!  I am so blessed to have a lifetime friend in you!

Okay, Okay, enough gushing about Scarlett, she is amazing and everyone needs someone like her in their lives! Now on to photos!

It’s no secret that she is gorgeous so obviously that means I always need to take a billion photos of her when we get together! Enjoy the overload!


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