Road trip to California and Back!

Late this January I got to join my husband on one of his trips with the band that he is in (Mike Lee Band)! He is the electric guitarist for the band and since it was my off season with weddings I was actually able to join along on this trip! Yeah!

We took¬†a 15 passenger van all the way from Fort Wayne Indiana to California! That’s about 36 hours one way so as you can imagine the feeling of needing to brush your teeth and stretch out your legs came along quite often! haha!

It was my first time ever going to California and getting to look out the window the whole time while in the van was so much fun! I had never seen these parts of the US and we got to make some extra stops along the way there and back in Oklahoma City, Albuquerque New Mexico, Flagstaff Arizona, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas Nevada, Denver Colorado, and LA, Malibu, and San Diego in California!

Here are a few photos I took during our time there and a few i-phone photos at the end as well! Enjoy!


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