Fallon and Dylan | Rainy Fall Engagement session

I was so excited for Fallon and Dylan’s session because I was finally going to get to meet these two! They had booked with me a while back and based on their e-mail I could tell they were going to be such a fun couple. I was right! They drove all the way from Columbus to have a session in Fort Wayne with me.

The whole week was looking like it was going to be rainy and cold but we still decided to make the most of it since they had taken off work and made the drive. They bought clear umbrellas and we were ready! It started off just lightly sprinkling and the trees kept us from getting soaked but it was still pretty cold. Towards the end it started to rain harder but these two were awesome and by looking at the photos you would never be able to tell how cold it was. Way to be troopers guys! I am so excited for their wedding this March at Union 12. I know it is going to be awesome!

I got to meet their precious puppy who also endured the crazy weather like a champ! Totally a highlight!
It started to rain pretty hard at this point but thankfully the trees keep us from getting drenched. Not to mention these two had such good attitudes throughout the whole thing and even though it was freezing cold they found some time to still twirl in the rain! The rain and cold had nothing on us!


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