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We have been holding back this news for quite some time now but after months (and months) of planning,

we are SO excited to finally announce…

we are backpacking through Europe this spring!!

We’re hitting 9 countries, 20+ cities, and really, wherever else the road takes us!

We are stoked to say the least!

We will be starting in Ireland and moving to Scotland & England in the UK, to Amsterdam, then to Paris, with some cute village stops in the Swiss Alps as well as in Austria and Croatia, and spending the most bulk of our travel in Italy with tons and tons of coastal beauty!

Scotty and I have traveled internationally many times both together and separately but we have never done something to this magnitude before.

1 month of constant flights, trains, car rides, and moving from place to place and get this, NO HOTELS…what?! I foresee some interesting stories ahead so stay tuned! 😉

1 month of basically recycling the same few outfits over and over again and being super limited on beauty products! Watch out Europe you are about to see my crazy curls unleashed! Ha!

We have never packed all the things we will need for a whole months journey in, get this, one tiny book bag (1 each) before so this should be very interesting!

I am not talking about the crazy big book bags that are all the rage right now. The ones that are half your body size and that weigh 50+ pounds (making your trip completely miserable), I am talking about the true, authentic, small, and light weight backpacks that are made for traveling. Which means limited things but OH so much liberty and adventure! After a ton of research and talking to many travelers we found out that the huge backpacks you see people using all over are actually not at all what you should be using or even the most efficient. We are glad we got the memo before and can have a very freeing trip, not to mention save our backs from a lot of pain! Some dear friends of ours (remember this gorgeous couple?!) just did their own backpacking trip through South America and are letting us use all their stuff/gear! We would be lost without all their knowledge and seriously probably would have been those ridiculous tourists carrying those massive book backs all around having a terrible time!

While we are in Europe we would love to photograph someone you know or your engagement or elopement photos! (We will be opening up photography sessions in Paris France, Venice Italy, London England and Ireland!)

For specific dates and times email me at

We are also giving away a FREE session in Europe while we are there!

More to come on that soon but in the meantime if you know of anyone that might be interested tag them below or send this info their way!



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  1. I am so excited for you! But I’m also dying to know, who is keeping Willow?? Lol this is always the first thing that comes to mind in my world. :p

    • nataliekunkel says:

      Aw thanks! I know, I am going to miss her so much!! Maybe even the most! lol Some of our friends are going to be staying at our house and going to watch her while we are away!