Ask The Expert | 4 Tips When Planning for your Bridal Hair and Makeup

From the experts at The Red Stiletto

Wedding planning is filled with so many questions.  Questions that are answered.  Questions that go unanswered.  Open-ended questions. Questions that are tricky and subjective to each particular bride.

At The Red Stiletto, we try our best to take the guesswork out of the hair and makeup equation.  Weddings are stressful.  The way you look should not be.  

After owning a hair and makeup company for almost 10 years, I have heard every question you can think of many times over.  So, I am here today to create what I feel is the best strategy leading up to your wedding day, when it comes to hair and makeup.


1. When to Schedule

One of the top questions is always, “How early should I book?”.

I always suggest 9-12 months ahead of the wedding date.  Most busy salons have appointments solidly booked out 12 weeks.  Some clients may even schedule their routine hair services for the entire year.  When you are looking at lining up an entire bridal party’s beauty services, time is of the essence.  Booking months in advance not only ensures availability, but also a better and possibly shorter time slot since there are likely multiple artists available to work on everyone at once.  Nothing is worse than being rushed or being at the salon for hours and hours.


2. Who to Schedule

Deciding who to schedule should not be a tough choice.  Do your research and let the artist’s work and reviews speak for themselves.  

Cheap does not equal better!  

In the beauty industry, you almost always get what you pay for.  This is my number one tidbit of advice.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest (and hopefully best) days of your life!  You want to look and feel confident and the two are so closely tied together.  When you look great, you feel great.  Not to mention, the several thousand dollars you are spending on your photos.  Your hair and makeup will be in these.  Your bridal party’s hair and makeup will be in these.  Make sure that you are going to love the way you look.  

When you find a hair and/or makeup artist that you like, ask questions.  Find out how many weddings they complete each year.  This will give you insight as to their level of experience.  Just because someone has been cutting hair for 20 years, does not mean they are an experienced bridal stylist.  

Next, ask what brands or types of products they use.  Inquire as to why they have personally chosen to use that brand.  It’s important for hair stylists to be working with products that will easily hold up all day without looking overdone or crunchy.  

Even more important is checking to make sure that their selected brand of makeup is formulated for photography purposes.  Many brands have large quantities of filler (more filler means more product at a lesser cost).  Too much filler or mineral fillers, in particular, cause something called camera feedback.  Camera feedback is when the photo subject’s skin is distorted.  I know you have seen a photo where the person’s face looks grainy, ashy, white or grey.  This is camera feedback.  A qualified makeup artist will know what products to use and what to avoid.  


3. Prep for Your Trial

Never come to a trial empty handed.  Do your research.  Find ideas of hair and makeup styles that you like and even styles that you very much dislike.  This gives the artist an idea for an end result, while being able to keep in mind elements that you wish to stay away from.  

Also, plan to try multiple hair styles.  A trial should not be one and done.  The stylist should have you in a designated amount of time that allows for at least 2-3 completed hairstyles.  

You should feel confident in the looks presented to you, along with artists ability to create these looks at the end of the trial.  If you do not, speak up then and there.  Tell us the truth, we can take it.  This is our job.  You cannot worry about hurting our feelings when it comes to such an important event.  A professional will be grateful for the opportunity to make you happy.


4. Skincare Routine

Last, but certainly not least, get on a skincare routine.  Do this months before you walk down the aisle.  And exfoliate!  Nothing is worse than a layer of makeup over a layer of old skin.  Do this regularly and your skin (and makeup artist) will thank you.  

Just remember ladies.  Your hair and skin are the one accessory you can never take off.  Do not forget to invest in it; in you!


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