Abby Sheehan | Make-up & Lifestyle Blogger

My dear friend, Abby Sheehan, just launched her make-up and lifestyle blog and it is amazing! Seriously, go check it out here!¬†This girl knows what she is talking about and if you are just a normal average girl like me who wants to learn about make-up this is the perfect place to go! She explains things so well and even though she just launched her site she already has a TON of content. I can’t wait for all the more that is yet to come! Also, did I mention she is a full-time teacher? This girl is just totally rocking it so seriously go subscribe to her blog!

I loved having the opportunity to take some photos for her website and blog!

Um, yes. We totally found a patch of purple wildflowers and it was amazing!! Joyful portrait of Abby Sheehan Laughing while looking at the camera in a field of wildflowers I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this girl?!!

So again, if you want to check out her amazing blog and subscribe you can do so here! 


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