The Sweetest Proposal on the Rooftop of the Embassy Theatre

I was contacted by Chris a little over a month ago with a creatively planned out proposal that he wanted me to capture and I of course said yes! Throughout all of our e-mails back and forth I was so impressed with his attention to details. He seemed to have thought of everything including having a photographer capture this special moment. My husband also had a photographer when he proposed to me and it is one of my all time favorite photos. After 4 years of marriage it is still framed and in our living room.  I just love that memory! So trust me when I say this- it’s a photo your girl wants!
Chris told me ahead of time that they were going to be going on a tour of the Embassy Theatre and at the end of the tour he would propose on their rooftop over-looking downtown Fort Wayne! I was to sneak in early and wait in secret on the rooftop for their arrival. The plan worked seamlessly! This was the first proposal ever to be done of the new rooftop balcony at the Embassy and I have to say, they are off to a pretty good start! 
He even thought to have a stunning bouquet of flowers from Be Married waiting her at the top and it was beautiful! Steph was so surprised! Getting to capture this precious memory for them was just so special!
After the proposal, filled with lots of laughter, hugging, and joyful tears we took some of their engagement photos around downtown as well! Not only now do they have proposal photos but they also have engagement photos right away!
I am telling you guys, this is a good idea! Hint, Hint 😉 


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