Paige and Matt | Sweet First Home’s Session

Paige has been my best friend since college and we have been a part of each others lives through so many ups and downs of our becoming adults years. She is one of those friends in my life that no matter how many different directions life takes us we still have remained close friends and in each others life and I am so thankful for that gift! I have photographed Paige is so many life stages over the years. Engagement, wedding, random carnival shoots, first dog, etc. and now I got to shoot a session of them in their first home!! This spring they decided to build from the ground up their new house and they officially moved in this fall so obviously we just HAD to have a first home session! We wanted to do it before they had moved in officially so we had a clean slate and empty house for their home session and it was perfect! From the open room concept to the yellow front floor this house is perfect for you guys and I am so happy for you guys! I know it has been a long journey of waiting and waiting but it is finally here. Your very own home!!


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