Jen & Abe | Gorgeous Bluffton Ohio Wedding

I first met Jen at her sister Katie’s wedding where I also got the honor of doing their photos! After she got engaged and e-mailed me about doing her photos too I was so excited awaiting their special day! Their family was just beautiful and I knew it was going to be a day filled with so much love and fun!

When first talking to Jen about their wedding she mentioned that she tended to be a little too serious at times but that Abe was someone that could always make her laugh or calm her down in any situation. That their differences in that area complimented each other so well! It was so sweet to see that come out between the too of them on their wedding day and especially while I was taking their bride and groom photos! Jen and Abe are a perfect match!

Their wedding was in Ohio and since we aren’t from there Scotty and I made sure to really scout for any cool photo place while we were driving from place to place and boy did we get lucky! While we were driving we saw this random wooded area on the side of the road that was covered in purple wild flowers and it was gorgeous!! It was just the perfect little hidden away gem for their portraits. ¬†Even though the grass was tall and it was a humid day these two were such great sports about it and now they have unique photos to show for it! Abe even picked Jen up and carried her to each photos spot so that she wouldn’t mess up her dress, it was the sweetest! Jen you got a keeper!

Jen and Abe it was an honor to be a part of your wedding day and I am so very happy for the two of you! Enjoy married life!

Even though Jen’s dad couldn’t be there to dance with her she got to dance with 4 different men who were very influential and special in her life over the years since losing her dad. It was so special to watch!


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  1. Amber says:

    I LOVE that portrait location with the purple flowers!