Caitlin & Joe | Union 12 Wedding Venue | Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

It may have rained all day but that didn’t stop the day from being amazing! Caitlin and Joe were carefree and joyful and acted as though the rain didn’t affect them at all which made the day easy for me. I knew that even though it was wet and muddy that we would still get good photos and we did! They were adventurous and willing to go out in the rain and mud to get the best photos possible. Thankful for umbrellas that saved us from the downpour. You will see what I mean in the photos below!

Caitlin and Joe got married at Union 12 which is a new venue in Columbia City very near Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was so cool getting to see and shoot at a new venue for the first time. Getting to take photos at a fresh new place is always fun and I love getting to get creative in a new space. It is definitely a beautiful one!!

You can read all about Caitlin and Joe’s adorable love story on their wedding website here!

This was the part of the day where it rained the least and was only a small sprinkle. Thankful we got to take all the bridal party photos in only a mist sprinkle of rain!

One thing I really liked about Union 12 was that they had a ceremony location that is under a roof outside. It was great for a rainy day like this because even though it rained during the ceremony we were kept dry while still getting to be outside. This is a great feature of this venue because you always have an option for a rainy day!

My favorite! A romantic dip in the rain! 

Do you see all those rain drops? Yeah these guys were troopers!!

Venue: Union 12

Make-up and Hair: I Do 

Catering: Shigs in Pit


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