Bethany and Alex | Fort Wayne Wedding

My sister is married! Not only is she married but her and Alex managed to pull off a wedding during Covid! The last weeks of wedding planning came with quite the ups and downs. The amount of people allowed at a wedding went from 250 to only 10!

One week before the wedding they found out we could only have 50 people at the venue making it not make sense to still have it at that location. The venue gave them a refund but not without a fight and they changed the venue to our church. Then finally the ordinance was reduced to allow only 10 people and so we changed the venue to my house where we would only be able to have siblings and parents attend. To add on to that they decided last minute to change the date of the wedding to Tuesday in case there’s was a travel ban and decided they would live stream the wedding for those who can’t attend. We were so glad we made that last minute decision because that Wednesday Indiana went into a full lockdown. Though the wedding did not go as they had imagined it was so sweet to get to see them still be married. Over 400 people and families got to tune in live as we did their ceremony in my living room.

The 48 hours leading up to the wedding came with us frantically trying to get every last minute details together. From calling every hair salon to try to see what was still open so we could get our hair straightened, to making new arrangements for food, to cancelled suits, to turning our entire house into a ceremony and reception location for our family. It was a 48 hours I will never forget but it was so worth it!

It was amazing to see how God provided even though it didn’t look the way they had pictured and to see it become a preparation for the reality of what life really is: Almost always never going as planned, full of trials, and with many ups and downs. Alex and Bethany, through God’s strength, were able to endure the crazy time and through it all still able to see God’s goodness and provision in a way they had never expected! Now as we look back on March 24 (original date March 28th) we will always remember how we somehow pulled off a Covid wedding a day before lockdown!

Sadly our dad and sister were not able to join the wedding day and though they are greatly missed we were able to remember them through having pictures of them attached to Bethany’s bouquet. They would be so proud of you Bethany!
Thunder got to be a part of the whole day which was extra special!
Any even Willow! Perks of getting to have the wedding at our house.
Alex and Bethany shared the sweetest first look as they read their vows to each other.
Isn’t my sister gorgeous?!!!
Good thing Alex had a suit ready to go in his closet because who knew his wedding suit would be cancelled the week before his wedding!!
My favorite, these two are adorable!
Though the bridesmaids that were not family were not able to attend the wedding we planned a meet up for some quick photos.
They’re married!!!
Shey and Thunder made the perfect flower girl/ring bearer combo. Cuteness overload!
Last photo of me being pregnant as I gave birth 13 days later!
Abby Sheehan did amazing on her hair!
Their 1st dance!
A memory I will always remember. The bouquet toss with the only single lady! lol


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  1. Ruth Wolfe says:

    Oh my these pics are gorgeous! They look amazingly happy. You would never know there was a covid judging by the look on their faces. So much love and so much faith! Thank you for being so good to my son! 😘